Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don Wolanchuk Dry Ships DRYS Falling Knife Advice

Silicon Investor's self proclaimed market timing guru continues to show how not to catch falling knives.   DRYS is down over 90% since Wolanchuk predicted more than a double from $7 back in 2009.

Last year (see links below) he attempted to call bottoms again at $3.30 and $1.51.

Now at sixty cents, he's taking another shot at calling the bottom.
Don Wolunchuk's Prior DRYS Calls:
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Thursday, February 05, 2009
DRYS: DryShips Inc. (Nasdaq)
Well known market timer, Don Wolanchuk, likes Dry Ships (DRYS on the NASDAQ exchange) as a high octane (high risk) stock to take advantage of a bull market rally he expects.
Don's recent comments about DRYS:
  • Feb. 2: @ ~$5 thats one very boolish looking chart....3 gap play on the decline 2 eh...........thanks
  • Feb 4, 2009 @~ $7: lookin at the chart im thinkin 15 to 20 will be here this month.....
Do you think he's right this time?

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GASE Great East Energy Inc

Beware another stock being promoted by paid mailers.  Always run when they type the disclosure so small you can't easily read it.

 Frank Baldoria of  "Frank's Penny Stocks" admits in his promotion that he took money to promote this stock.  He recommended it near the high at 65¢ and today it is at an all-time low of 48¢

 News hinting of huge future gains

while the disclosure says it is nothing more than a paid advertisement.  


This is little different than a late night used car TV ad with the promoter making noise and promising great deals on used cars.  In this case, it is used stock certificates.